Chad Childers


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2000-pres Chairman, Detroit Security Lunch Group

1999-pres Board of Directors, Friends of the Library, Dearborn

2001-pres Treasurer, SF Oral History Association
1995-2000 Chairman, Ford Web Administrators Group
1992-1999 Regional Councilor, Software Division, American Society for Quality
1997-1998 Board of Directors, Ann Arbor Science Fiction Association
1990-1991 Co-chairman, Ford X Windows/Motif Programmers Group

National Merit Scholar, Thomas J. Watson Memorial Scholar (IBM).

2004 IT Security Award

2004 ITI BEST Award

1993 Ford E&SE Achievement Award

Letter of Commendation from S.M. Frey, Ford Motor Company V.P. for Quality

Eagle Scout w/ Palm.

SCUBA certification

Fluent French, write/program German, some Italian.