From: Chad Childers 
Subject: I'll bite :-)

Cool, John!  There was INTERESTING stuff in there about you I didn't know.
I'll try to do as good....

Given-Name:     Chad Childers
Common-Name:	Chad
HOME-Town:	New Orleans, LA
current-Town:	Detroit, MI
Stein-Name: 	CHUD
Favorite Beer:  Wogga Wogga Kangaroo Piss
(In case it wasn't sponged up, I'm a designated driver (fast).)
BTS-member Since: 1990
BS-Biology, Tulane.  Authorized Service Tech, Commodore PET/CBM, back in high
school.  Did the IBM co-op route, then started my own consulting firm with a
friend from school (Ad-Tec) doing micro systems design, marketing, and
programming, did a little more freelance, then moved north as a mercenary
for Ford on FMEAplus(Registered Trademark, and I wrote it!).
SF fan, Barbershop baritone, once-and-future fencer, sometimes go to SCA events
and SCCA events, built Ferengi starbase on TrekMUSE (telnet 1701)
Collect green-skinned dancing girls, bayonets, and WWII patches.


From Fri Feb  7 08:14:31 1992
Subject: Hello, My Name Is...

Given-Name:	Jeffery L. Vogt
Common-Name:	JT
Aliases:	JT the LFM, The Large Furry Marsupial, Pfuzband (but only
		the Wife Unit can call me that!)
HOME-Town:	Appleton WI
current-Town:	Appleton WI
Stein-Name: 	LFM
Favorite Beer:  Foster's Lager (mate!), Frankenmuth Dark, DAB
BTS-member Since: It started. (Charter member)
UW-Madison.  Went to Software Decisions, Inc. (Detroit, MI) in 1986 as Techincal
Trainer.  Left Ungermann-Bass (SDI was bought out) in 1987 as Mgr. Tech. Support
East Coast.  Joined Prime Computer in 1988 as Marketing Support Analyst.  Did
Prime's implementation of MAP, TOP, FTAM, and MMS for Prime EXL, Sun 3, SGI, and
Motorola Delta.  Became National Unix Support Analyst in 1990 and was RIF-ed
(Reduction In Force) in 1991.  Joined St. Norbert College in DePere, WI as 
Systems Manager (Assistant Director of Computer Services) in 1992.  Currently
getting too damn many "free lunches" from vendors currently being considered
to replace all academic and administrative supermini-s (it's a tough job, but
*somebody's* got to do it :-)  Started various small companies over the last
10 years and am still "plugging away" at that.  Watch and record lots of movies
(1450 at last count), play FRPG's, read Anthro comics (and collect Anthro GIFs),
and spend far too much time (so the Wife Unit says) with my cat; Korli, the
Pfuzz From Another Planet.

>>>I'll post this for Chris (she wrote the rest of the contents)....


Given-Name:	Christine M. Czarnecki
Wedded-Name:	Christine M. Vogt
Common-Name:	"Wif" or "Wife Unit"
Home-Town:	Racine WI
Current-Town:	Appleton WI
Favorite Beer:  Lowenbrau Dark
BTS-member Since: 1988
Attended UW-Madison.  After 6 weeks there, met the LFM (now FM).  Completed
BS degree (emphasis on "BS"); married the FM and moved to Detroit.  Worked
at Miller, Canfield, Paddock & Stone for 4 years, last year as a Paralegal.
Currently looking for work.
Personal: Love to read and sleep, not in that order.


From Fredrik Noon
Subject: my life & welcome to it

For those who have never met me, those who wish to forget, and those who
really don't care and hope Quail wins in New Hampshire . . .

			FCN: The Biography

Given-Name:     Frederick Charles Noon
Common-Name:	Fredrik
HOME-Town:	Home?  "Southeaster Michigan," I guess.
current-Town:	San Jose, CA ("The Capital of Silicon Valley")
Stein-Name: 	Wallenstein (und seinen Tod)
Favorite Beer:  Warsteiner, Anchor Steam
BTS-member Since: I just crash parties.
Moved to S.E.L. Michigan from Rhode Island in time for junior high school.
Met my first computer there (well, 2 teletypes, 1 with a tape punch).  Graduated
from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) 1984, BS, Computer and Communication
Sciences.  Fell in with a bad crowd: Software Decisions, Industrial Networking,
Ungermann-Bass, you know, OSI networking.  Got bribed to move to CA & work at
Ungermann-Bass HQ programming Macintoshes & learning TCP/IP & friends.  The
Macs are gone now: I'm an OS2/Windows/DOS internetworking wiz & first-line
manager who gets to take out frustrations when giving salary reviews.
Married a German girl in '83 & brought her back to the states.  Kid due in
April.  Girl's name is Marianne; the kid, hell, I don't even know its sex.

I pick banjo while waiting for the next earthquake. (Fredrik Noon)
5290 Garrison Circle
San Jose, CA 95123			Life?  Don't talk to me about Life!
USA					-- Marvin, the paranoid android


Date: Sun Mar 22 18:03 EST 1992
From: cfctech!ttardis! (Brian D. Smith)
Organization: EG&G REECo, Inc.
Subject: Bio

Here is the new and improved bio, edited by Chad, and re-edited by me.  Hope
everyone's happy, now.


Given-Name:     Brian D. Smith
Common-Name:	Brian
HOME-Town:	Detroit 
current-Town:	Las Vegas
Stein-Name: 	BDS
Favorite Beer:  whatever the babe with the big bazoombas is drinking
BTS-member Since: around 1988
Electronic mail:
Actually got Mark Williams' Coherent running on my PC two years ago, but no
longer operating node bvocs continuously.  I now log in to ttardis inter-
actively once a week (usually Saturday or Sunday).
Worked for Ungerman-Bass, met a gorgeous redhead at a party, followed her home,
and woke up two weeks later in the Vegas county jail.  Forced to take a job
with the screw-you organization because of some embarrassing photographs they
had, been there for three years.  I could tell you what I've been doing for
the past three years, but then I'd have to kill you.  Trying to to find a
different employer.
This year I will make it to Madison and the babes go wild.  I was being kept
by a succession of heiresses and showgirls and they wouldn't let me have money
for airfare to Madison in the past, but now they worship me and things will be
different.  Except the babes still go wild.  I am a phyically-superb-male-
speciman-than-makes-ladies-fall-to-their-knees.  And as long as they're down
there... ;-)  I lift weights twelve days a week, swim six days a week, and run
the other six.  This was not an easy task:  20 hour work day + 6 hour round-
trip daily commute + 4 hour work-out + 9 hours of the babes going wild = -15
hours of sleep.


From: (Tony Hugo - Assistant System Manager)
Subject: intro
Date: Wed, 20 May 92 16:07:07 CDT

			RTH: The Biography

Given-Name:     Richard Tony Hugo 
Common-Name:    Tony	
HOME-Town:      Pensaukee, WI.	
current-Town:   De Pere, WI.	
Stein-Name:     Vito
Favorite Beer:  Not Sure (I've only been legal for 7 months and it 
                wouldn't be prudent to drink before that. :) ) 
BTS-member Since: Candidate 
Went to school in Oconto, WI and graduated in the top ten of my class. 
That's not very impressive since the validictorian only had a 3.7 GPA and
60% of the class are dead-beats.  I came to wonderful St. Norbert College
in '89 to receive a "well-rounded" education while going into debt.  I have
currently completed my junior year and will be doing an internship this 
summer with JT as my supervisor (well more of a average-visor).  I had the
pleasure of meeting JT January 2 of this year (due to circumstances beyond
my control).  He has since brought myself and a friend of mine into his  
corrupted little environment.  I basically am trying to learn everything 
JT is willing teach me or at least tell me I should know.
Not married and don't plan to be for a while.  School and work is basically
my life.  

Weightlifting, hunting, fishing, volleyball, racketball, basketball, and
soon to be golf.  (All of this is time-permitting of course.)